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The Federal Air Transport Agency’s main air transport activities in response to the COVID-19 situation worldwide, including responsibilities in accordance with Annex 8 to the ICAO Convention

31 марта 2020 11:43

Hereby The Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA) informs the civil aviation authorities and concerned parties, that despite any restrictions and policies against COVID-19, aimed at preventing further spread of coronavirus, the FATA remains fully operational to meet its obligations and responsibilities in accordance with the ICAO Convention, including Annex 8. The FATA perceives the unprecedented situation around the COVID-19 and the devastated effect, that the coronavirus has caused to the civil aviation. However, to minimize the negative consequences, that the civil aviation may deal with, the FATA continues to provide the civil aviation industry, businesses, manufacturers, suppliers and vendors as well as all other engaged parties with its services, performing responsibly and sustaining the operations in the most effective way possible, with the regard to the measures being taken.

As part of the precautions implemented, the FATA is now ready to cooperate with its partners and other parties remotely, using different kinds of digital tools and remote connections. The physical contact or work in presence is operated only in exceptional circumstances, if such duties highly require such physical contact or work in presence. Nevertheless, the FATA strives to avoid any misconduct and ensures you, that all the compliance with the current civil aviation regulations, both national and international, is kept.

The FATA encourages the civil aviation participants, businesses, manufacturers, suppliers and vendors as well as all other engaged parties to communicate via electronic means of communication, e.g. emails, phones and/or faxes. Currently, until further notice, the FATA building and facilities are closed to all kind of visitors, while the services are performed well and in full in accordance with the scheduled plan and/or via the Internet.

Please keep in mind, that the FATA specialists and experts are temporary working only at the local level. All foreign visits and/or oversight expertise is canceled or postponed later on this year. At the same time, the FATA closely cooperates with the air-company operators and manufacturers to track every case. For its part, the FATA guaranties that no safety risks shall occur, while make it certain that all necessary actions are produced to ease undesirable outcome provoked by COVID-19, since safety is the FATA’s most priority.

For further information and/or latest update concerning the situation,please, visit the FATA website https://favt.ru or send your inquiry via email to rusavia@scaa.ru.

You may also visit https://www.favt.ru/sertifikaciya-avia-tehniky-sertifikaciya-tipa for further advice.

The FATA contacts:

Email rusavia@scaa.ru

Phone +7 495 647 52 35 ext. 65 01

Fax +7 499 231 56 56, +7 499 231 55 35

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